My Solar Podcast Tour

by kruegerian

This September I set out on a road trip with Covid-safe protocols in place to interview several solar cooking great in the western U.S. These video podcasts are all stored on Vimeo for now. Eight down, four to go: – Sneak Preview of all 12 through January 2021 – John LaLiberte – Sun Oven Villager – Caitlyn Hughes – Solar Cookers International – Tom Sponheim & Paul Hedrick – Solar Cooking Wiki – Roger Haines – Panel Cooker – Jim LaJoie – All Season Cooker – Lorraine Anderson – Author, Cooking with Sunshine – Gordy Bishop & Mike Rodriguez – Tube & Parabolic Cookers – Scott Rundle – Quattro, Parvati and SunPlicity Cookers

I’ll add the final four as each is available for public view. Alternatively, they will accumulate on my Vimeo Showcase for the first and subsequent video Seasons –